New Thunder Bay Tourism Promotional Videos Released – Tourism Week

City of Thunder Bay TourismCity of Thunder Bay Tourism 2012 Tourism Video Series - City of Thunder Bay - Imaginarium Studio Inc.

We recently had the pleasure of joining the City of Thunder Bay Tourism Department along with Generator Strategy Advertising, Dining Room Studios, J.P. De Roover and guests from the region’s tourism industry for a ceremony unveiling three new promotional videos.  Imaginarium Studio produced the videos to be used as cinema ads, television spots, and as promotional videos on the city’s website, social media networks and at trade-shows and conferences.

You can view the full length promotional videos by season by clicking below:

Thunder Bay Tourism Summer Promotional VideoThunder Bay Tourism Fall Promotional Video

To check out Thunder Bay Television coverage of the event click here.

I had the opportunity to speak briefly about the production of this video content.  My presentation was based on the notes below:

Presentation Notes:

I wanted to acknowledge the City of Thunder Bay Tourism Department and Generator, the marketing firm behind the project for the ‘buy local’ approach to producing this content.  I do believe that was the right choice and my hope is that the results will compel you to agree.

Imaginarium Studio set out to produce a series of videos that the community could really be proud of.  We know there are a lot of people locally, like us, who love Thunder Bay and all that it offers.  That’s what we wanted to capture.  It was the experience of doing something that makes you admire the place you’re in.

We interpreted the concept from Thunder Bay Tourism and Generator to be primarily about people and places and how they interact together.  In this case, it was not enough to show a pretty picture of a lake.  We needed to show how people here in Thunder Bay enjoy the lakes.  So we made lots of phone calls.  The local kayaking group came out and brought five members early one morning.  The five person sailing crew was kind enough to bring us on board with all our gear and we spent time with a couple of ice fisherman.  By the end of production, 105 local people made acting appearances in 40 unique settings demonstrating 46 activities and they all look like they’re having the time of their lives.  This is exactly what we wanted to communicate to potential visitors.

We incorporated many production elements to increase the production-value and quality of the video.  Camera movement was incorporated into a majority of the shots and our crew used a number of production tools including dollies and jibs to achieve complex and visually interesting shots.

The entire production was organized with consideration of natural lighting conditions.  We maximized production during magic-hour, which is known in the industry as a specific period of time at sunrise and sunset when natural light provides ideal outdoor shooting conditions.  Of course, during the summer, the sun begins to rise around 5:00 am.  Our crew and our actors, found ourselves on location by 4:30 am on many occasions … sometimes with a clear and beautiful sky and other times in thunder storms.  We strongly believe that the early mornings an late evenings were worth it as were able to capture some stunning imagery that could not be otherwise achieved.

For all their hard work, I do need to acknowledge our production crew on this project.Piotr

  • Skowronski – Director / DOP
  • Jessica Graham – Camera Assistant
  • Sarah Furlotte – Grip / Lighting
  • Allen Rahmer – Dolly Grip
  • Milosz Skowronski – Production Manager

Contributions were also made by:

  • Chris Scanlan – Production Assistant
  • Andrew Booth – Grip

Our partners, Dining Room Studios executed the sound design and together with J. P DeRoover, composed the music for the project.

We hope you enjoy the videos and that they inspire you to experience even more of the amazing activities our region offers and we encourage you to share the online videos with your family and friends and on your social media networks.  Let’s let people know just how awesome our city and region are.

Production Stills Slideshow:

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