At Imaginarium Studio, we believe that film and video production are deeply interwoven; especially in the Thunder Bay region.  Our community is rich with talented young people who are passionate, highly skilled and who are pursuing careers in this field.   Thunder Bay is home to a fantastic film production program at Confederation College which graduates 30-40 young filmmakers annually.  The experience of producing film; the problem solving necessary to execute challenging projects; the natural tendency to push the limits of what is possible for a film project; contribute to the development, skills and expertise of the many talented film and video professionals in our region.

Imaginarium Studio actively supports film production and local film-makers.

Love & Hate

Written and directed by: Piotr Skowronski

Imaginarium Studio, our contractors, partners and friends, dedicated their talents, skills and time to making this passion project a reality.  We are grateful to all those who participated.  For a full list of credits and for more information about this film, please visit the official Love & Hate website.


Production Space Offer: Supporting Film Production In Thunder Bay

Imaginarium Studio is offering limited use of our production studio at no cost to local filmmakers working on non-commercial film projects.  Applications from local filmmakers are currently being accepted.  Click here for more details.