Imaginarium Studio Team

When you bring talented people together, under a common goal and provide for them the resources and conditions required for each to excel in his or her own area of expertise, beautiful things happen.  Imaginarium Studio’s foundation is built on the strengths of our core team; the dedication to our partners and respect for the wide scope of creative talent in our community.  In short, we strive to bring the best assortment of talent and expertise into every project.

To learn more about our partners please visit the Imaginarium Network of Video Production Professionals page.

Imaginarium Studio is:

Piotr Skowronski

Director | Director of Photography | Editing Supervisor

“You have an idea that’s unique.  Translating that idea, that concept to paper and then onto the screen is where the excitement comes from for our studio.”

Milosz Skowronski

Producer | Production Manager | Operations Manager

“To me, it’s an indication of what can be achieved, through teamwork and collaboration.  I think we can work this way and really produce world-class content here in Thunder Bay.”

Jessica Graham

Camera Assistant | Camera Operator | Editor

“I always see it as artistic, professional fun.  We’re being artistic in a professional manner, good set etiquette and that, but we’re always laughing.”

Allen Rahmer

Dolly Grip | Camera Operator | Set Construction