Video production is a collaborative endeavor.  Imaginarium Studio has developed strong working relationships with our partners and we have implemented processes and strategies that make collaboration effective.  Together, our companies have extensive experience in executing a broad scope of video concepts.


George Renner of RennerVFX

RennerVFX is a visual effects and animation production company focusing on giving creative professionals the flexibility to work with advanced digital production strategies.

Website: RennerVFX

Dining Room Studios

David Angell and Chris Dorota of Dining Room Studios

Dining Room Studios is situated in a 4500 sq. ft turn of the century house that is converted into an audio production facility.  Growing a business that thrives in Thunder Bay and reaches out to serve the audio production needs of larger markets, Dining Room Studios is tooled to service most areas of audio production from music to film and much more.

Website: Dining Room Studios