Production Studio

2000 sq. ft Video Production Space

Studio 02

Imaginarium Studio operates a 2000 sq. ft production studio located in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Equipped to handle a wide variety of production needs, the studio is ideal for everything from interviews to complicated special effects productions.  The controlled environment with custom lighting and sound management greatly increases production value while reducing the costs associated with traveling to and working in an offsite location.

Giant Green Screen

Our studio features a large 16 ft wide x 12 ft deep x 12 ft tall green cyc which has been used to incorporate advanced visual effects by mixing live action, actors and props with virtual sets and other special effects elements.  With our green screen, equipment and talent, there are no limits to what concepts can be executed.

Studio 03

In addition to the many studio setup options and live action special effects that can be achieved within the studio, Imaginarium can build a custom set ensuring total control over artistic direction and aesthetics for your video.