Imaginarium Studio provides video production services for Cinema, Television, Tradeshows, Corporate Communications and web-based multimedia platforms including Websites, Social Media Networks, and web video advertising channels including YouTube.

Our product categories include commercials and advertising, promotional videos, educational videos and social media video content.

We have helped clients execute compelling brand advertising, product launches via web, television and cinema, company profile videos, product education videos and a wide scope of promotional video content.

Our services are divided into three categories and offer unique solutions for small, medium and large clients.


Imaginarium Studio Brand Commercial ProductionCreativity  |  Longevity  |  Inspiration


Imaginarium Brand is a video production service geared towards television and cinema advertising where creative concepts are executed to meet the highest production standards.  Commercials produced under this product line can compete with work produced anywhere in the world.   Brand advertising captures the essence of your company or product and the fine-tuned messaging means your commercial will remain relevant in the long term.

Imaginarium Studio will help you execute any creative concept for a cinema or television commercial; there are no limitations to what can be achieved.  We strive to inspire you to create truly beautiful content with a powerful message that your customers won’t be able to ignore.


Imaginarium Studio Promotional Video Production

Design  |  Flexibility  |  Production Value


Offering the broadest scope and flexibility in video production, promotional and educational videos are used widely to launch new products, create product awareness and inform audiences through company features.

The Imaginarium Promo line of video production services offers high production value that will enable you to stand out in the local and global marketplace.  Our pre-production team will work with you to capture the essence of your message or brand and to create truly captivating video for your audience.


Imaginarium Studio Social Media Video Production Service

Quality  |  Convenience  |  Frequency


Social media video is widely recognized as the best way to engage your fans and clients online.  Strategies that inform, educate and/or entertain audiences show the highest ROI and boost product/brand awareness.  Create your strategy, organize and pre-plan your social media video presence with a service that offers quality production and standardized pricing.  This service has been designed with a price point that enables you to increase frequency and keep your content fresh and relevant.


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