Creative Realized

Imaginarium Studio has developed successful relationships with a variety of advertising agencies and medium to large businesses and organizations.  An understanding of the relationship between a production house and an agency or internal marketing department is critical to collaboration, exchange of creative ideas, effective problem solving and exceptional execution.

Creative Realized is our promise to you

As a marketing firm or department, you’ve done your job.  You know your clients and you know how to speak to them.  You’ve identified your core message for the campaign and the creative is … well, really exciting.  You want the execution to be right.  Imaginarium Studio has developed processes with this goal in mind.   We work with you in stages through pre-production, principal photography and post-production with reviews and approvals to ensure that the creative is being satisfied.

Here’s a ‘Behind The Scenes’ look at some of the creative concepts we’ve helped clients realize.

1. Making of ‘Bundle’ – Television Commercial Production In Thunder Bay

 2. Making of Tbaytel Christmas 2011

3. Creating the world of Love & Hate