Imaginarium Network of Video Production Professionals

Specialized  |  Resourced  |  Limitless


You’ve done your research and you have the perfect message.  Now, as a marketing agency, marketing department or savvy entrepreneur, you set out to develop the perfect creative concept.  How will your message be delivered?  The possibilities are endless.  The process is exciting as you visualize what your campaign could become.  Here, you don’t want to be held back by limitations imposed on you by your production house.   The creative process is supposed to be fun, not frustrating.

We believe production houses should not impose limitations on creative concepts.   

Imaginarium Studio has developed strong working relationships with two amazing Thunder Bay companies that uniquely complement the skills, talents, and resources of our team.  The end result is unlimited possibilities in execution of creative concepts.  With our network of video production professionals, Imaginarium Studio has the capacity to execute concepts that are traditionally associated with only the world’s largest production houses.


Specialized Skills & Resources


Network Small 02Our partners contribute highly specialized skills and resources.  RennerVFX, a Thunder Bay 3D animation and visual effects company, adds the talent and resources to make the impossible happen.  Whether it’s a virtual set, a 3D object, green screen compositing or an animated graphic to drive the message home, Imaginarium Studio works closely with RennerVFX to bring stunning images to the screen.

Sound design is equally specialized.  Collaborating with Dining Room Studios, a professional sound recording and mixing facility, adds carefully crafted sound design and ensures broadcast quality sound engineering.  Dining Room Studios has recorded custom music for our clients and regularly contributes folly and ADR recordings to create powerful, dynamic and multi-layered soundscapes.


Customizing Production Resources


The Imaginarium Studio production model enables us to identify the resources needed to execute your video project and to customize the appropriate production team uniquely resourced in skills and equipment to meet the needs of every project.